Best Mini Trike


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DOM steel frame made in USA and welded in USA all built in house
Predator ghost motor/torque converter
Exposed Air filter
Rear Billet MCP brakes
Wilwood handlebar master cylinder
Twist throttle
350lbs weight capacity
Wheelie bars
Powdercoated in house
We take the upmost pride in every build we complete. From the cutting, bending, welding, powdercoat, and assembly we strive to build you a
product that will hold up to whatever thrashing you throw at it.


Black jack Semi

Speedway blue

Speedway grey

Electric green

Bright orange

Very red

Gloss white

Yes yellow

peeka blue (Candy) (+$120.00)

Illusion red (Candy) (+$120.00)

Illusion green ice (Candy) (+$120.00)

Illusion purple (Candy) (+$120.00)
All Colors are from Prismatic Powders. To see Actual colors visit their website.


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